Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to the good ol' DFW!

I have definitely realized one thing. First of all I am not good at blogging! I love to read other peoples blogs and I love feeling like a part of all the things going on with them even though I may not be able to talk all the time or live near them, however I really stink at keeping my life up for everyone else. I would say I will try to do better but I probably won't so enjoy this one because I can't tell you when I will get around to another!

The Ron is a Master of Athletic Training! I am so proud him. He graduated on May 21st and it was an exciting weekend. We were so blessed to have so many people we love in Lubbock to celebrate with us! The weekend was a great success all the way around. My parents even stayed a few extra days and that was very special for me to get some time with them! Thank you everyone who came and for all those that supported us in every way over the last 2 years!

So what are we up to now? Well my company was awesome and transferred me to the North Ft. Worth/Wichita Falls territory. I have had to learn a few new drugs and the last few weeks has been a challenge just trying to get things down with new doctors and new partners but I am so grateful for this opportunity! The Ron is looking for a job in the metroplex and has had 1 interview but no news yet. I personally think that everyone who hasn't interviewed him is missing out, but unfortunately no one has asked me yet. Anyways we know that the Lord will show us whats next and until then we will enjoy the ride!

Something else fun is that we now have ROOMIES!! Me and The Ron are living with Becky and Mike for the time being. We still have renters in our house so The Evans graciously allowed us to stay with them until we can get in our house. Its been pretty fun so far although very busy. We have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred after work 3-4 times a week and if you want to see something very funny come over about 6 and watch all 4 of us in the Evans living room breaking down with Jillian. Sometimes Annalyn (Mike's mom) comes too and that is even more fun. All in all how can we complain about living with some great friends. They even threw a welcome back party for us and we got to see all our wonderful Ft. Worth friends that we have missed so much!

All in all life is good and we are excited about the all our fun summer plans and we are hoping and praying and waiting to hear about a job for Ron. Keep him in your prayers and we love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support from our friends and family!!